SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 590 8GB Special Edition for Advanced High Resolution Gaming


Key Features:

  • 10% Faster than the Competition
  • Exceptional Board and Component designs
  • Award Winning Dual-X Cooling Design – up to 12 dbA quieter
  • SAPPHIRE Quick Connect – Easy Fan Swap
  • New Thermal Grease, 30% better thermal conductivity
  • Intelligent Fan Control III

November 15th, 2018 – SAPPHIRE Technology is proud to introduce a set of superior features for PC Gamers’ with the new SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 590 8GB Special Edition Graphics card. Designed to optimize performance and efficiency on FinFET 12nm process technology, the NITRO+ RX 590 8GB Special Edition comes equipped with the Award Winning SAPPHIRE Dual –X Cooler, and is capable of  delivering a smooth and fast gaming experience at high resolutions.

Exceptional Features, Designed for Gamers

SAPPHIRE’s NITRO+ RX 590 8GB Special Edition graphics card can Play it All. Gamers will experience the advantages of APIs like DirectX® 12 and Vulkan® which have been optimized on AMD’s Radeon™ RX graphics platform in collaboration with many of the world’s top game developers and studios, to deliver unrivalled gaming performance and stunning lifelike imagery.

Powered by “Polaris” Architecture Radeon™ the NITRO+ RX 590 8GB Special Edition features the 4th Gen GCN graphics cores, display engine and multimedia cores, all on FinFET 12 process technology. This has enabled SAPPHIRE to push up the clocks, and reach up to 10% better performance than the competition.

Factory overclocked cores of the NITRO+ RX 590 8GB Special Edition perform with a 1560 MHz boost clock and the card is available with 8GB memory

Packed with 2304 GCN-based stream processors, the SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 590 8GB Special Edition is the card to deliver 1080p gaming and enhanced performance in everyday applications.

Dual X Cooling – A Proven Performer

The Dual-X cooling system on the NITRO+ RX 590 8GB Special Edition continues to push the performance boundaries beyond the default specification. When targeting the same GPU temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, the cooling system is up to 12 dbA quieter and with significantly lower component temperatures.

The cooling system module has 2x 8 mm + 2x 6mm heat pipes, a larger heat dissipation surface of 54 fins and a NEW thermal grease producing 30% more thermal conductivity. All of these features cement SAPPHIRE’s Dual – X Cooler as the best in class system available on the market today.

SAPPHIRE’s Intelligent Fan Control III system, increases the precision of the fan controller. The differences in RPMs from fan to fan have been brought down from 10% to 3.2%, increasing the cooler’s accuracy.

Built to Last

The Tough Aluminum Backplate on the NITRO+ RX 590 8GB serves to protect the board and enhances heat dissipation. This provides additional rigidity that ensures nothing bends and dust is blocked.

At SAPPHIRE we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality components for our NITRO+ boards. Each component is engineered to last from the 200,000 hour Polymer capacitors that offer incredible reliability, to our Black diamond chokes that are 25% more power efficient than a normal choke. They feature built-in heat sinks to reduce the coil temperatures by 15% over the previous generation.

Convenience and Style

The NITRO+ RX 590 Special Edition is not only the best performing card of the NITRO+ RX 500 Series, it has a set of features that take it to the next level of customization and future-proofing. Users can swap or replace the default fans without voiding warranty; leveraging the SAPPHIRE Quick Connect fan system.

During operation, the pair of translucent fans glow blue, whilst the NITRO+ RX 590 8GB Special Edition features the now famous NITRO Glow feature – a stylish RGB LED SAPPHIRE logo motif on the side which changes colour to indicate board temperature. This can be easily controlled with SAPPHIRE TriXX software.

Special Options

The NITRO+ Radeon RX 590 8GB Special Edition coms with a Dual-UEFI BIOS which also allows users to switch between Boost and Silent operation modes. The Boost setting enables maximum performance for gaming, while the Silent setting delivers a quieter fan profile with lower Engine (1545 MHz) and Memory (2000 MHz) clocks for gamers who prefer almost silent performance.

The card features a 1x 8-pin and 1 x 6-pin power connector. This provides additional options for users who seek either maximum power efficiency or more overclocking potential.

RADEON Adrenalin Edition – Rich Software Ecosystem

AMD now has the most stable driver software on the market. Always improving and evolving, the remarkable Adrenalin Edition software has a set of incredible features presented on a modern UI.

With Radeon™ ReLive, gamers can capture, stream and share their victories. Radeon™ WattMan enables enthusiasts to fine-tune a range of settings, and with Radeon™ Chill you can dynamically regulate your in-game movements, enabling cool and quiet frames on a countless number of games

Experience an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames with smooth, stutter-free performance at virtually any frame rate with Radeon FreeSync™ Technology

RAISE THE GAME FULLY LOADED – Extraordinary Game Bundle

To accompany this exciting launch, SAPPHIRE are offering something really special to our customers. Get up to three games FREE* when you buy a SAPPHIRE NITRO + or PULSE ™ RX Vega, RX 590, RX 580, RX 570 graphics card.

What’s included in a purchase:

  • Resident Evil™ 2
  • Devil May Cry™ 5
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2

-SAPPHIRE NITRO + or PULSE RX Vega or NITRO + RX 590 Special Edition – Get ALL 3 Games for FREE

– SAPPHIRE NITRO+ or PULSE RX 580 or 570 –  Get a choice of 2 Games for Free

NITRO+ RX 590 8GB Special Edition – Availability

SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 590 8GB Special Edition as well as regular all begin shipping today, and will be available from selected SAPPHIRE e-tailers’ and retailers’ worldwide.

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Model SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon™ RX 590 8GB Special Edition
Manufacturing process FinFET 12 nm
Memory 8 GB GDDR5 256-bit
Stream processors 2304
Compute units 36
Engine clock Up to 1560 MHz
Memory clock Up to 2100 MHz
Cooling system Dual-X, two 95 mm dual-ball bearing fans

New Thermal Grease –
30% more thermal conductivity

Outputs HDMI: 4096 × 2160 @ 60Hz

DisplayPort 1.4: 5120 × 2880 @ 60Hz

DL-DVI-D: 2560×1600@60Hz

Special features Dual UEFI Bios

SAPPHIRE Dual-X Cooling Technology

Intelligent Fan Control III

Precision Fan Control

Fuse Protection

Long-life Capacitor

Tri-XX Supported

Black Diamond Choke 4th

SAPPHIRE Quick Connect Fan

Technologies DirectX 12, Vulkan 1.0, OpenGL 4.5, OpenCL 2.0, AMD FreeSync, AMD CrossFire XDMA (bridgeless), AMD Eyefinity, AMD LiquidVR
Dimensions 260 (L) X 135 (W) X 43 (H) mm


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